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Portable Scanner
Fusion Splicer & Accessories
Fusion Splicer
Battery & AC Adapter
Fiber Hoder & Sheath Clamp
Splicer Repair Part
Splicer Keypad
Splicer Carring Case
Fiber Cleaver & Stripper
Power Meter & Heads
Optical Laser Source
Communications Signal Analyzers
Optical Attenuator
UV Light Sources
Spot Curing Sources
UV Bulb / Lamp
Light Guides
Fiber Inspection Scope
Antenna Analyzer
Manual Linear Stages
Optical Fiber Identifier
   About Us
Fiber Optics, a joint venture located in Shenzhen, specializes in sphere of communication instruments is one of the biggest communication test instruments supplier in China . Ranging from most of the provinces in China , from most provinces in China
Client net covers the field of Telecom, Unicom, Mobile , CATV, railway, Power, Postal, bank, public security and etc.
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